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Two self-made power women — one shared vision.

The two founders Shirley Billot and Maria-Liisa Bruckert met each other within the selection of the international Google for Start-ups program. Now, Shirley’s KADALYS beauty products are entering the German market by collaborating with our AI Tech company.

Maria-Liisa Bruckert (SQIN) and Shirley Billot (KADALYS)

KADALYS is the first eco-conscious brand with patented active ingredients from the banana plant, offering skincare products with efficacy, authenticity, and sustainability. This France based company is currently one of the most hyped beauty brands on the market and won several awards (Best Organic Brand, Best Indie Brand, …). Founder Shirley Billot put together the values of her native island Martinique and an innovative cosmetics active ingredient. Shirley put a big part of her home into a new kind of beauty products: bananas. By the help of banana leftovers, she developed her own beauty line — the birth of KADALYS.
“Through KADALYS, I wanted to create inclusive, ethical skincare products with no compromise between high performance, naturalness and citizen engagement”, tells Shirley. Now it’s time for Shirley to enter the German market together with Maria and her AI Beautytech Company SQIN.

A match made in (Google) heaven
While Shirley, with KADALYS, is currently attending the Google For Startups Accelerator Black Founders Program, Maria takes part at the Google Female Founders Immersion Program with SQIN. Within the Google environment, both got to know each other, exchanged their experiences and found out that they share the same vision of a more sustainable and personalized future in beauty. For that reason, Shirley and Maria decided to team up to make the world of beauty more transparent, fair-stainable and diverse.
For KADALYS that means to recycle banana leftovers to have a great impact for nature and our planet. SQIN on the other hand has another mission: personalized cosmetics for everyone and forcing beauty commerce into more transparency and efficiency.

The first steps into the German market
KADALYS sees SQIN as the perfect partner for entering the German market: “Maria and I are speaking the same language in terms of sharing common principles and visions. Even our brands are fitting perfectly together”, says Shirley.
What makes SQIN unique is the community approach, where the users are the democratic leaders of the app. Therefor, everything is designed to understand the individual user needs for their transformation to well-being. SQIN has the ability to analyze the user’s skin and find the right beauty products for them, based on the ingredients.
KADALYS sees their chance to enter the German market through a professional approach and SQIN can’t wait to present their users a next level beauty experience. “When I met Shirley the first time and she told me about her beauty products, I couldn’t believe that cosmetics could be made out of banana leftovers. But afterwards I was amazed by this idea. Shirley is an admirable personality with a great vision”, Maria declares.

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