SQIN – your personalized skin companion

The unique skin care experience

70% of skin diseases can not be treated right, because they are not detected at all or are detected too late – would you have expected that? What makes it even worse is that about 60% of skin diseases lead to mental health issues. Interactively, the psychological problems worsen the skin problems once again — your skin reflects your soul.
That means, the less time we invest in treating skin problems, the worse people will feel.

Especially dermatology allows instant visual diagnoses — technically speaking. But due to long waiting times for appointments and high case numbers, there is far too little time for every individual patient. SQIN wants to change that.

With SQIN, we created a personalized AI skin advisor app, supporting our users over lifetime. We want to become their personal skin companion and the first place they go to when it comes to skin care and skin health.

Therefore, we offer them three main values:

  1. Our users are connected to dermatologists that professionally analyze their skin — without long waiting times, but digital. This can relieve the burden on the healthcare system through early diagnosis and treatment: Practicing doctors have more time for consultation- and treatment-intensive cases.
  2. We offer a personalized skin tracking program, based on the user’s current skin condition and goals. Skin health is an issue that needs to be dealt with on a long-term and continuous basis. In our program, users are therefore given tasks that support them in this and provide them with inspiration for the purposeful treatment of their individual skin — we rethink personalization in skin care!
  3. Interactive personalized infotainment can always be found in our SQIN magazine. The contents are matched to the user’s personal interests and skin condition. We are convinced that the awareness of your own skin‘s needs is the basis for sustainably beautiful and healthy skin.

The combination of these points creates a unique approach and thus brings added value to every user. In addition, there are of course several other features and goodies that make skin care a fun topic.

Discover your unique skin care experience — discover the beauty of health!

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