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The roaring twenties have only just begun

The Golden Twenties didn’t start quite as we planned — you all might know why. Anyways, we are happy for what 2020 brought to us. Are you ready to travel back in time with us?

Co-Founders Martin & Maria

January: About new Beginnings

At the beginning of this year, our app had been on the market for just one month. The first campaign, the Advent Calendar was extended and therefore ended not before January.

How it all started — the advent calendar 2019

After that, the mission was to transform BeQu from an advent calendar into a whole-year beauty app.

February: About huge Events

Vivaness Beauty Fair

This month we had a lot on our agenda. For example, our co-founder Martin was on the road in Big Apple and had the chance to spot the latest trends at New York Fashion Week.

With our visit to Vivaness in Nuremberg, we were also able to get to know many new fairstainable brands. The event was great for us to network.

We also reached our first really big milestone that month: 25k users in our app!

March: About the Future

By launching our Fairstainable Weeks, we put the app’s focus on a topic that is very important to us: sustainable, fair and natural cosmetics. The campaign was incredibly successful and got many of our users excited about the topic.

Our Fairstainable Week Brands

In addition, we were accepted into our first accelerator program: the German Accelerator. This set the first cornerstone for an expansion into the US market one day.

Martin, Björn and Maria in New Zealand

Over and above all this, our founding team went on an exciting journey. Together with their families, they moved into a shared house in New Zealand for several weeks. There they brainstormed for a long time about the future of our company. It was to take a while, but finally the vision for our app was born a little later.

April: About Easter Eggs and other Surprises

For Easter, we wanted to give our users a special gift. Therefore, we created a whole campaign week. Exciting topics and products awaited our community every day around the Easter holiday.

Brands included in the Easter Special

But that’s not all: in April, our Select Shopping Club was finally activated. It surprised its members with incredible offers quite regularly from then on.

May: About hustling hard

We used the merry month of May to improve our app more and more. We fine-tuned our features and made plans for new elements.
After all, a big change was in store for our users soon.

A part of our SQIN Team

June: About Growth

Participants of the Facebook/APX Accelerator

Another start-up program was awaiting us in the summer: the Facebook/APX Accelerator.

We are really thankful for all the chances we had this year to learn and grow!

July: About the Start of SomeSQIN new!

After weeks and months of planning, the day should finally come: On July 20 we successfully relaunched our app and BeQu turned into SQIN.

The name means a lot to us, because it reflects our purpose. We want to enable everyone to make the most of their skin!

August: About our #SQINfamily

SQIN would not be what it is without the teamwork with its diverse brand partners. We also wanted to show this to our users, which is why we launched the Inside Campaign in August.

Brands participating in our Inside Campaign

The SQIN community could now take a look inside the brands and get to know the faces and stories behind.

September: About powerful Women and cool Beauty Devices

In September, we received the fantastic news that Maria had been selected as one of ten women from among thousands of applicants. What for? To participate in the Google for Startups Immersion: Women Founders. What an honor!

Our QFridge “Dream”

In addition, we were finally able to launch our first in-house product. After long planning, the day had finally come to show the world our QFridge. A beauty fridge that does not only keep beauty products cool and durable. It also has its own interactive world — connecting product and digital service.

October: About Tricks and Treats

Our offers were spookily good in October as we offered some special Halloween deals. A Halloween surprise was added to almost every order — a treat for everyone, without any tricks.

November: About Reasons to celebrate

Celebrating 100k Users

While Maria was still in final moves of the Female Founders program, Google was already selecting us for the next one. SQIN was chosen to be part of the Google for Startups Europe selection! Currently we are still part of the program and we already learned a lot.

Like many other companies we also offered some special deals for the Black Week. Another successful campaign that we enjoy looking back on!

However, one highlight that awaited us this month eclipsed all others. We now have more than 100k users in our app! At this point, thank you to all of you who are part of it.

December: About giving back

Despite, or perhaps because of everything that happened, the year passed very quickly. Now it’s already December and great highlights awaited us this month as well.

Google Play Best of 2020 Award: Best App for Personal Growth

Our two advent calendars began — one for free and for sale. The paid version again includes a physical, as well as a digital version. So the users were offered a colorful mix of tutorials, vouchers, raffles, beauty products — and chocolate.

One thing, however, put the crown on the whole year: we were awarded with the Google Play Best Of 2020 Award! In the category Personal Growth we are one of the best apps on the German market. We are very proud of this because, after all, that is exactly our goal: the transformation to well-being for everyone!

One thing, however, put the crown on the whole year: we were awarded with the Google Play Best Of 2020 Award! In the category Personal Growth we are one of the best apps on the German market. We are very proud of this because, after all, that is exactly our goal: the transformation to well-being for everyone!

Throughout all of this, our community has grown steadily, but so has our SQIN family. Moreover, our app has evolved a lot, including many new features.

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a great start into 2021! May this year be better than 2020.

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