Discover your unique beauty

Are you ready for festival summer 2021? Even if this year it will again be very different from what we know, we are looking forward to it. The first event for us is the Kiyomi Festival in May. Never heard of it? We’ll tell you more.

Kiyomi festival takes place from May 6 to May 9 – get your tickets here

The Kiyomi festival was founded by Silvie & Dorian, a young couple from Berlin:

Our motivation for organizing KIYOMI is our friends and friends of friends who are struggling with the Corona situation and spending their newfound time sinking into self-doubt. […] This festival is for anyone who could do with a little more self-love and who needs some support in implementing small rituals to encourage a little more self-love in their daily lives.

The word “Kiyomi” is Japanese for “pure beauty”. And this is exactly what this festival about – discovering your unique beauty. It’s time to through outdated beauty standards overboard and encourage diversity and individuality instead!

During these three days, the participants will meet beauty, fashion and lifestyle revolutionaries who embody exactly this spirit — and we are one of them. Be there when our co-founder Maria talks about the perfect and personalized care routine, according to the motto: Make the most of your SQIN.

We are super happy to support this great project and be part of Kiyomi!

Hope to see you there! Click here for tickets.

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