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Yesterday, we moved into our new office in Berlin. In fact, our team is not only based in our Head Quarter in Berlin, but also in Dresden, Nigeria and Portugal. We also have office spaces in Munich and South Korea.
Why does a startup with just eleven team members need so many locations?

A map of the world with Germany enlarged. There are flamingos in Portugal, Nigeria, South Korea, Berlin, Dresden and Munich.
The SQIN locations around the world.

There are two very simple answers to this question:

  1. We are an international team. While that doesn’t sound like anything new these days, it’s still rather uncommon for smaller teams. But when you are working on a global, digital solution — why should you only hire employees from one country? Our work is done in English and completely digitally. Even though we are still at the very beginning, this is the best way we could imagine.
  2. Through our participation in various accelerator programs, we often have access (at least temporarily) to great co-working spaces: Currently in Incheon, South Korea, through the Bridge2Korea program. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we cannot visit this office.
    From next week, an office in Munich will be added. We’ll tell you why when the time comes. There, however, we will definitely be present from time to time!

Of course, the whole thing has many advantages: first of all, we don’t have to pay attention to the place of residence when hiring, and can only decide according to who suits best for us. In addition, we have even better access to an international network and can work anywhere.

On the other hand, particularly team building is more difficult for us. Between Berlin and Dresden, of course, it’s no problem — but especially the team members from Nigeria and even Portugal face difficulties in participating in team life (outside of meetings).

Nevertheless, we are certain that the advantages of our international team prevail — and are already very excited to see in which cities and countries we will be represented in the future. We can’t wait for the #SQINfamily to grow even further internationally!




Discover the beauty of health. // https://sqin.co/

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Discover the beauty of health. // https://sqin.co/

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