Spotlight On! — Jenny Löffler

The Beauty Secrets of an Actress

For most of us, being a star is something we’ve dreamed of at one time or another. Thanks to our first SQIN Magazine column, we can now catch a glimpse of it! Each month, actress Jenny Löffler will give us insights into her life in front of and behind the camera.

Make-up, curls, hair straightening, make-up removal, new make-up — this is what a typical day on set looks like in Jenny Löffler’s everyday life as an actress. Because of the constant styling, her skin and hair are very demanding. “That’s why,” she reveals to us, “I personally value high-quality care products a lot.”
Her working life has turned Jenny into a true beauty expert. From now on, she will share the experience she has gained through this with our community. On a regular basis, her SQIN Magazine column “Spotlight On!” will be published in our app.

The first article (which will only be available in the app for a few more days) already reveals what she looks for when choosing her skincare products. In doing so, the SQIN app is a great help to her, she claims.

We are happy that Jenny is such a big fan of our app and part of the #SQINfamily. It will be exciting to see what she will be reporting in the future!

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