One in 30 under 30

How our Co-Founder Martin achieved his life goal

If you were to ask our team to describe our CEO Martin, the following words would pretty certainly come up: ambitious, determined, visionary and hard-working. And these are exactly the qualities that have enabled Martin to achieve his big goal in life: he made it onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 list!

Martin’s first company, kraftwerk, has developed lightweight fuel cell technology — so called advanced solid oxide fuel cells (aSOFCs)

“For 10 years, since the first list came out, I imagined how awesome it would be to be on it.”

Now that this step has been taken, you obviously wonder what his next goals could be. So we asked Martin:

“The IPO with kraftwerk and making SQIN a unicorn. And of course I hope that Maria will also make it onto the 30 under 30 list with SQIN!”

Of course, we hope so too — fingers are crossed! We are working full power on making these dreams come true.

First of all, however, it is now time to celebrate this great success.
Congrats, Martin, for making your big dream come true — totally deserved!

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