New in October

We want to introduce our new brand partners to you at the end of each month. This way you will always have a good overview of who is part of the #SQINfamily.

The logos of SQIN and Yumimei. Yumimei is a partner brand of SQIN.
Yumimei is a Chinese-Japanese artificial word and means “beauty”.

For a long time, Carolin Bay (doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and founder of Yumimei) was already using natural cosmetics. Eventually, she felt the desire for truly honest natural cosmetics with the highest quality natural ingredients. In addition, it should contain ingredients that have also proven their efficacy in her practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is how the first products for Yumimei were born: traditional knowledge of TCM meets aspects of the zeitgeist.

With a team of other doctors of TCM and various natural scientists, she created the first products. Even today she attaches great importance to control every step of production in her manufactory. In this way, she ensures that her cosmetics are manufactured at the highest level of quality.

One of the Yumimei products // Founder Carolin Bay

We are happy to discover these products, which combine traditional knowledge of Chinese medicine, natural science and classic natural cosmetics, and share them with our users!




Discover the beauty of health. //

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Discover the beauty of health. //

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