New in November

We want to introduce our new brand partners to you at the end of each month. This way you will always have a good overview of who is part of the #SQINfamily.

A picture of the logos of SQIN and Mon Courage

MON COURAGE is the Swiss pocket knife of natural cosmetics. The stick for all cases is a real all-rounder!

Eva Helmeth developed the Face & Body Stick. She came up with the idea for MON COURAGE in 2020, when she was going through her packing list for the Way of St. James. Wouldn’t it be better to have one skin care product that saves you from lugging around lots of products? Born was the idea for the Face & Body Stick.
Then Eva spent months getting the perfect formula. Until she finally developed the ideal travel companion.

A photo of founder Eva Helmeth and her MON COURAGE Face & Body Stick.
Eva Helmeth and her Face & Body Stick

We got to meet Eva and her product in person at THE GROW Summit this year. That’s why we’re really happy that she’s now also part of the #SQINfamily!




Discover the beauty of health. //

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Discover the beauty of health. //

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