Making an Impact

How SQIN addresses the global shortage of dermatologists

More than two billion people worldwide suffer from skin complaints. At the same time, many of them do not have access to dermatological care, while most others have to contend with a shortage of specialists.

A global problem

All over the world, there is a shortage of dermatologists. Even in countries like Germany, with a relatively good health care system, there are not enough specialists. In other parts of the world, the ratio is much worse – as seen in the info graphic below.

The ratio of dermatologists to population varies in different regions. However, it is inadequate everywhere.

This in turn leads to the fact that 70% of skin problems cannot be treated properly because they are detected too late or not at all. Due to long waiting times for appointments, minor complaints quickly worsen — and become serious problems.

A global solution

SQIN wants to fight this shortage — or rather the infrastructure around it.
We are currently working on this in particular by exploring new markets. However, we are not entering any markets randomly, but in a targeted and accompanied manner. To get to know the market from the inside, we participate in market discovery programs, for example by the German Accelerator or the 「S² Bridge Incheon」 — Bridge to Korea Program.
This allows us to perfectly tailor our app to local needs and requirements.

Ethnicity and AI

In the past, a number of challenges have emerged regarding image recognition software and its functionality for PoC.
However, especially with regard to the sensitive medical consultations we provide with our app, our AI should be as accurate as possible. This is the only way we can provide the best possible advice to people of all skin colours and types. We are always working to adapt our algorithms to make it work for everyone.

Through the SQIN app, people around the world can get help with their skin problems — quick, personalised, shameless and easy.

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