It’s time for female founders!

Germany as a nation of women founders? — Maria-Liisa Bruckert in interview with WirtschaftsWoche

Last year, we had the chance to participate in two fantastic Google for Startups programs. Out of this, many interesting connections and projects emerged for us. One of them: the cooperation of Google for Startups with the Handelsblatt Research Insitute. They joined forces to ask the question, “Is Germany a nation of female founders?”
The answer can be found in an extensive report — also including an interview with our co-founder Maria-Liisa Bruckert.

The speed at which start-ups operate is always very special — things and visions are chased at high speed and progress is extremely fast. That is why, since Maria gave the interview last year, many things have happened at our company and we went through some change. Hence, we want to take this opportunity to share some of it with you.

At the time of the interview, the focus of our app was strongly put on the e-commerce aspect. Within the article it is stated:

The business idea: connecting the right products with the right users and creating a positive experience for them.

However, we have learned from our users that this is only part of their interests. What they want most is someone to accompany and support them on the journey of controlling their skin problems. Because our deepest commitment is and has always been to help our app’s users achieve a strong sense of well-being, we have expanded the business idea mentioned above:

It is still important to us that our users find the best products for their needs — to prevent negative experiences and reduce beauty waste. But our skin’s health depends on so much more than the products we use. In fact, these make up only the smallest impact. What also plays a significant role for our skin’s condition are our habits and the external influences we expose ourselves to.
That’s why our entire team is currently working on a new version of our app, which will support our users in their personal beauty journey. It’s our goal to make everyone feel comfortable in their skin!

Another small ray of hope for other (future) founders: the situation regarding the search for investors has calmed down in the meantime. Therefore, it is also shown here: it is worth fighting even through crises — global as well as personal — and to always believe in yourself!

To conclude, we would like to endorse the advice that Maria-Liisa gave during this interview: Never lose sight of your vision and believe in it!

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