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Clean Tech meets Clean Beauty

Whilst Björn and Maria went to Leipzig, Martin spent the day in Berlin at the GREENTECH FESTIVAL to celebrate change!
Sustainability isn’t only important for consumers in their daily life, but also for the ones developing and producing the goods. At the GREENTECH FESTIVAL by Nico Rosberg, Sven Krüger, Marco Voigt and Judith Kühn, all those forward thinkers meet up to exchange ideas and inspire each other.
Martin was there to hear all of it and was quite impressed.

“I am dedicated to make a difference and change our planet for the better. I’m thrilled to be part of such an important movement!”

As the founder of Kraftwerk Inc., Green Tech is nothing new to him. That is one of the reasons, why SQIN puts its focus on fairstainability and clean beauty.

We aspire to leave behind a world worth living on — starting with a conscious way of handling our products and the influence we have.

Discover the beauty of health.

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