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Maria @ Born-Digital Leaders by Google Cloud

“A year ago, I would have described my job and even the whole company very differently than I do today. Back then, our MVP was at the market for about half a year, we had a good few downloads and were pretty confident about our work. Then I went into the Google for Startups Female Founders Immersion — and our company made a 180 degree turn.”
That is how our co-founder Maria started her talk at the Born-Digital Leaders Roundtable by Google Cloud yesterday. Here comes the story about SQIN’s turnaround:

SQIN 2.0

In the last two months, a lot has changed for SQIN — not to say everything, actually. We have dared a complete turnaround and have gone on a new path. Since last week our app is finally on the market for Android and we are simply overwhelmed by all the feedback. It was a total re-start for us — and what better way to show that than with a new logo?

Why did we choose a flamingo? 🦩
Each of us is unique — just like our skin.That’s exactly what we want to show with our new logo. …

SQIN × Sophia Tran

Sophia Tran describes herself as a cosmopolitan with a passion for tech. She quickly realized that her heart beats for tech startups — and decided to invest in them herself. One of them: SQIN.

Looking at Sophia’s Instagram profile, her three favorite subjects catch your eye immediately: TECH | TRENDS | TRAVEL.
Especially her interest in the first two was sparked early on. So she decided to study electrical engineering — the first step up her career path. During her time as a reporter for “Galileo” and “Abenteuer Leben”, she also focused on technology trends.

Today, she invests in tech…

Our #SQINfamily is growing

From now on, we want to introduce our new brand partners to you at the end of each month. This way you will always have a good overview of who is part of the #SQINfamily.

In May, we worked hard on our new app and also signed many first brand partners. We will introduce them to you one by one. The first in the series: BEAUTYglove and I LOVE IT I LIKE IT.

I LOVE IT I LIKE IT was founded in 2019 by Josefine Häusler.
She was always very picky herself when it came to face masks and never quite…

Our co-founder Maria on reaching milestones and loving the challenge

A month ago, Maria pitched for us at START Summiteer, the START Summit pitching competition — and won the Consumer Goods category. We talked about her experience at the event and why SQIN is more than just her project.

Maria, it’s been a month since you successfully pitched us to win the Consumer Goods category. How did that feel?
Extreme! [laughs]
It was totally exciting, because of course you knew beforehand who was going to be there — highly talented and sophisticated people. The connection to St. …

My only wish this year:

This month, our co-founders Maria and Martin traveled to Frankfurt for an important partner meeting. Business trips and a global health crisis — how can that be compromised?

Until a little more than a year ago, business trips were almost part of the daily business of our founders. Not only important trade fairs, but also partner discussions or certain meetings required shuttling between Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and many more locations.

Then the Covid pandemic hit and turned everything upside down. Meetings with our business partners took place almost exclusively online. Of course, this also brought some advantages: you saved…

Discover your unique beauty

Are you ready for festival summer 2021? Even if this year it will again be very different from what we know, we are looking forward to it. The first event for us is the Kiyomi Festival in May. Never heard of it? We’ll tell you more.

Kiyomi festival takes place from May 6 to May 9 – get your tickets here

The Kiyomi festival was founded by Silvie & Dorian, a young couple from Berlin:

Our motivation for organizing KIYOMI is our friends and friends of friends who are struggling with the Corona situation and spending their newfound time sinking into self-doubt. …

How our Co-Founder Martin achieved his life goal

If you were to ask our team to describe our CEO Martin, the following words would pretty certainly come up: ambitious, determined, visionary and hard-working. And these are exactly the qualities that have enabled Martin to achieve his big goal in life: he made it onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 list!

Martin’s first company, kraftwerk, has developed lightweight fuel cell technology — so called advanced solid oxide fuel cells (aSOFCs)

“For 10 years, since the first list came out, I imagined how awesome it would be to be on it.”

Now that this step has been taken, you obviously wonder what his next goals could be. So we asked Martin:

“The IPO with kraftwerk and making SQIN a…

Earn 25,000 CHF in two minutes? No, we’re not talking about a suspect pyramid scheme here, but about winning the START Summiteer pitching competition! The final took place last weekend and we were part of it.

START Summit 3rd round winner: SQIN, START Summiteer winner in the category consumer goods.
START Summit 3rd round winner: SQIN, START Summiteer winner in the category consumer goods.

The START Summit ‘21 ended this weekend and we look back on a week full of great new experiences, exciting perspectives and lots of helpful input.

However, we were not only there as guests, but were able to participate quite actively — in the START Summiteer pitching competition! This was a complete success for us and we proudly emerge as the winner in the…


More than 100 000 happy users are already part of the #SQINfamily! Through our current campaign with the German GLAMOUR magazine, we were able to give many more women the chance to make the most of their skin.

Our beautiful inlay cards

In the current issue of GLAMOUR, each of the subscribers found one of these cards. But what was it about?
We had the chance to be featured in the magazine with an inlay card. When the readers scanned the QR code, they got the chance of a free skin analysis. And they could do it from home – simply via our app.

We are excited to make more and more women happy and help them improve their skin’s condition!


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