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Since 2011, the German Accelerator has supported German startups with their international expansion. And it feels like our founder Martin has also been participating in their programs since then. We talked to him about his experience with the German Accelerator.

Martin and the friends he made during German Accelerator

Martin, you just started into another German Accelerator Program. How many programs have you already participated in, including this one?
This is the fifth German Accelerator program for me. I attended three of them with kraftwerk (Martin’s other startup) and two with SQIN.

Wow, that’s a lot! In all the programs, what have been your personal highlights so far?
Definitely the…

We want to introduce our new brand partners to you at the end of each month. This way you will always have a good overview of who is part of the #SQINfamily.

Due to their high coffee consumption in the office, Maximilian and Oliver — the founders of Circly — noticed that every day vast amounts of coffee grounds end up in trash. So they asked themselves: couldn’t we actually create something new out of this?

They set out to find out what else coffee grounds and other plant residues could be used for. They quickly found what they were…

SQIN – your personalized skin companion

70% of skin diseases can not be treated right, because they are not detected at all or are detected too late – would you have expected that? What makes it even worse is that about 60% of skin diseases lead to mental health issues. Interactively, the psychological problems worsen the skin problems once again — your skin reflects your soul.
That means, the less time we invest in treating skin problems, the worse people will feel.

Especially dermatology allows instant visual diagnoses — technically speaking. But due to long waiting times for appointments and high case numbers, there is far…

Once around (half) the world

Remote teams have become more and more the norm in recent years, especially for start-up companies. We also work remotely to some extent — and are very multicultural. Our team comes from three continents. For example, our ML/AI expert Avi (Avinash) comes from Pakistan, but now lives in Germany. We talked to him about his experiences with multi-culturality — especially after getting married in Pakistan this summer.

Avi, you were born and raised in Pakistan, but then decided to do your Master’s degree in Germany. Why?
I was living in Pakistan, but I came to realize that Germany has more opportunities…

Lately, K-Beauty has been playing an increasingly important role at SQIN. Thus, we have also created a special category for it in our magazine. Our goal is to act as an accelerator for Korean brands in Europe! But how did this come about?

“Eight German startups will soon explore South Korea through our Market Discovery program! 🚀 🇰🇷 Our team of local experts will help them navigate this thriving ecosystem through in-depth culture sessions, industry insights, and much more.” That’s what the German Accelerator Asia posted on LinkedIn in July. …

We want to introduce our new brand partners to you at the end of each month. This way you will always have a good overview of who is part of the #SQINfamily.

Selimhan Usta and his brother have always been entrepreneurs and already founded a few start-ups. With NIQA Cosmetics, they have set out to dive into the beauty industry as well.

Since they are Muslims, they have always wondered why there are no “halal brands” available at the big beauty retailers in Germany as well as in Turkey, for example. …

We want to introduce our new brand partners to you at the end of each month. This way you will always have a good overview of who is part of the #SQINfamily.

Hau Cosmetics was founded in 2018 by Leander Sacher. His goal was to create a brand that combines effective products with clean formulations, sustainability and design. However, the foundation for the idea was laid long before.

The basis for the idea of Hau Cosmetics lies in Leander’s childhood. His mother often told him about her travels to the indigenous peoples of North America. “The way the people there…

On sunday, we celebrated International Productivity Day. For this reason, we want to share our five favorite tricks for more productivity with you today. No matter if in everyday life, while learning or at work — with these tips you are well prepared and can avoid any attack of procrastination.

  1. Find your best time of day
    Even if the school system makes it seem otherwise: Not everyone is made for an early start into the day. And not everyone can handle 9 to 5, either. …

Maria @ Born-Digital Leaders by Google Cloud

“A year ago, I would have described my job and even the whole company very differently than I do today. Back then, our MVP was at the market for about half a year, we had a good few downloads and were pretty confident about our work. Then I went into the Google for Startups Female Founders Immersion — and our company made a 180 degree turn.”
That is how our co-founder Maria started her talk at the Born-Digital Leaders Roundtable by Google Cloud yesterday. Here comes the story about SQIN’s turnaround:

SQIN 2.0

In the last two months, a lot has changed for SQIN — not to say everything, actually. We have dared a complete turnaround and have gone on a new path. Since last week our app is finally on the market for Android and we are simply overwhelmed by all the feedback. It was a total re-start for us — and what better way to show that than with a new logo?

Why did we choose a flamingo? 🦩
Each of us is unique — just like our skin.That’s exactly what we want to show with our new logo. …


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